Getting Started with Social Media

Don't be overwhelmed

Overwhelmed  by Social Media

There are so many different social media platforms, that businesses may not know where to start.

Create Accounts:

We suggest companies start with sites that are most popular with your customers. Unsure where your customers are? Then follow these generic suggestions.

Are you a business whose customers are mostly adults? Start with:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

We suggest these platforms to businesses whose customers are mostly teens/ young adults.

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

All companies should also claim their business listing on:

  • Google Plus (My Business)
  • Review Sites -

Make sure that your social media accounts have a similar look and feel. You should follow the color scheme of your web site and also use your company logo as your profile picture.

The path

Promote Social Media:

After you have set up your social media account, promote it to your current customers. Create signs for your place of business and email customers asking them to Like/Follow your account.

The next time you print business cards or marketing material include your social media.

Start Posting:

For Facebook, we recommend that you start out posting once or twice a week. Later in the week, and late in the work day after 3pm or after dinner, but before TV time.

Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat need more frequent posts. We suggest starting out daily and see how your customers respond. After lunch is a good time to start posting.

Measure and Adjust:

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms allow you to monitor how engaged your customers are. Make sure to measure your results (be sure to have a definition of what engagement you desire: conversions, clicks, or gathering customer data).

Adjust your efforts accordingly. You may want to try posting at different times, or varying content for different media platforms.

Expand Your Presence:

After setting up and starting to work with those sites, you may want to expand your social media presence to these sites.

If you are a B2B company you can then look at these site, if you have not yet set up an account:

  • LinkedIn
  • Video (YouTube, Facebook Live)
  • Instagram
  • Blogging

B2C companies can look to these sites, if you have not yet set up an account:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snap Chat
  • Video (YouTube, Facebook Live, Vine, Periscope)
  • Blogging
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