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Add Ecommerce to your web site

Zajon can help sell your products or services to customers. We have provided ecommerce solutions to several companies including Waterlox, Thera-Band, Create-a-Match and University Circle to name a few.

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Custom Solutions:

Zajon specializes in customized solutions, when an off the shelf shopping cart is not good enough

Custom solutions can lead to:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced presale questions by customers
  • Improved buying experience
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Lower return rates

Help with State and Local Regulations: Maybe your products are regulated differently in different parts of the country, or even by different regulations in the same State.

Zajon wrote a custom ecommerce solution for Waterlox to deal with varying regulations in multiple States and multiple California Air Quality Management Districts.

Help Customers Find What They Want:

If you have a large product catalog, it can be difficult for your customers to find what they are looking for. We have written custom search tools that help customers narrow their search or go directly to the item they want by entering an inventory number.

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Custom Buying Guides:

Do you have different products for different uses? Are customers sometimes confused regarding which product is the best model or size for their needs?
Zajon can create online guides to help your clients select the correct product or narrow the list of possible products. Your customers can add their choice into the web site's shopping cart.

We can integrate a Buying Guide with LiveChat. This allows you to communicate with customers while they are looking at your web site and see what options they have selected.

Some of the work we have done includes creating online guides to help customers purchase the correct tire based on car manufacturer, make and model. Another project helped a client's customer determine which lift gates would fit on the back of their vehicle and be the most efficient based on how much weight and what was being lifted. For example, air bottles and refrigerator need different lifts.

Sometimes off the shelf shopping carts are not enough. We can develop a custom solution for your particular business or industry.

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