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Website design, social media marketing and application development.

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Since 2004* Zajon has been helping our clients build web sites, create custom applications and use the internet and social media to effectively increase profits and help their clients.

We bring your ideas to life.

The best part of our business is getting to learn about our client's business. Once we get a grasp of what you do and what you want done we can begin to help, by providing web site designers, programmers or marketers who develop a customized solutions.

We have worked for ad agencies and corporate clients in Cleveland, Akron and across the United States.

* Zajon may have been started in 2004, but our owner, Jordan Levy, has been building web sites since 1995. This is what web sites looked like back then.

Do you know what people are saying about your company?

Most companies are on sites such as Google My Business (Location and Brand Pages), Yelp, Bing Local or Local Yahoo. These sites let customers or your competition leave reviews or comments about your business.

We help you claim your listing so that you can:

  • Describe your business - Tell your customers when you are open, describe your service area and post photos/videos.
  • Be notified when someone comments on your business listing.
  • Respond to negative comments.

If you are not listed on local search listings, we can help you get listed.
Give Zajon a call at (216) 773-0307 to claim your listing or create one for your business.

You should be in charge of your web site.

With our Content Management System (CMS), you can edit existing or create new pages on your website.

You can use a CMS with any web site design. When our clients request customization Zajon alters the CMS to match their needs.

To improve your website's search ranking, we support SEO friendly URLs. That means when Google looks at your website's URLs it sees words like "downtown parking" not computer code:

Customers such as The berwyn Group, Biofreeze, Temple Israel Ner Tamid, Harness Horse Youth Foundation, and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, have used our CMS.

Your website should be a tool that helps you sell more.

While we build E-commerce sites, that is only part of the solution.

Do your clients know where to go to buy your products?

We help your customers find nearby locations where they can purchase your products.
The original Biofreeze "Where To Buy" site was built using our Locator and recieved 8,000 - 10,000 inquiries a week. Their customers searched by zip code or city and saw a Google map with reseller information.
Waterlox Dealer Locator uses one of our generic locators which displays stores without the Google map.

Can your clients find the right product for their needs?

Do your clients have questions about what product they need?

We have built product selectors and calculators which help potential customers find the correct product and tell them how much they need to purchase.

Visit the Waterlox Material Calculator to test out their product selector.

Some of the clients we have built e-commerce sites for include Darrah Electric and Thera-Band FlexBar

Web Service for Multiple Uses

Do you have a feature on a web site that could be reused or shared with clients / vendors?

Web service are a potential source of revenue for your company.

A Web Service is code whose results can be accessed by multiple web site or applications (like mobile apps). This can save development costs. It also lets you expand what services you offer to clients in small steps, without needing to build a massive and expensive infrastructure all at once.

More Clients

Are you using social media to communicate with and acquire new customers?

We help manage social media and provide content on a regular basis.

More Sales

Claimed your local business page on Google?

No: Let us show how these pages affect your bottom line.

Yes: We can help you use these resources to improve your business.

Increased Profits

Reduce Expenses. Our solutions can help reduce expenses by reducing error rates and improving efficiencies..

Increase Sales. Follow up abandoned shopping carts, with an email allowing the customer to make the purchase.

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